Cardboard Creations


February 18, 2021

Cardboard Creations

Cardboard is something many of us may have around in these days of posting and online shopping, and there are some AMAZING ideas for ways to use it! Some are very sensible (although still incredible) like creating your own storage or furniture

But there are also lots of ways to use cardboard in play as well – little beds for soft toys and dolls, easels for budding artists, simple aquariums, a car wash and educational projects like these STEAM’ stars. Or if you have bigger boxes available then creating household appliances is a definite win – kitchens always hold a lot of potential for imaginative play, and I’d love to try a washing machine sometime in the hope it will act as some kind of training tool.

We’ve had A LOT of fun making our own version of a television – endless re-enactments of programmes and films, turning the volume up and down when ‘Mummy TV’ is on, enjoying the sensory remote with a big red button that no one gets yelled at for pressing, and just as a quiet spot to hang out.

Inspired by some brilliant animal creations, I also raided my stash of ‘random bits of cardboard that could someday come in handy’ and created a slightly melancholy giraffe. In theory I thought the kids could have fun painting it and then we could try making some cardboard hoops and use it like a ring toss… in practice I haven’t let them near it yet as I can’t bear the idea of them trashing it in two minutes flat!! No doubt there will soon come a time when the need to entertain them overcomes my desire to keep Raffey safe…

So whether you have hours to invest into an epic cardboard city, would love a cardboard castle to hang out in, or just want to make some pretty storage boxes, we hope you can find the project for you in our Cardboard Creations Pinterest board.

Cardboard Creations