April 10, 2020

Some great friends are always on the lookout for the first wild snowdrop of the year, waiting to delight in the arrival of Spring. They also love to enjoy those cheeky little flowers who pop up in unexpected places, calling them impudents! After many lovely walks with them over the years, I’ve learned to look out for impudents too and celebrate the way they can grow up even in places that previously showed no signs of life, where you don’t imagine a plant could survive let alone blossom.

At the moment we might find ourselves feeling a bit dispirited as we face so many bleak situations and reports but, amongst these realities, there are stories of hope, kindness and creativity springing up. As we take our daily exercise, out in our gardens or walking along our streets, perhaps we might notice signs of new life this Easter weekend. And maybe we could ponder areas of our lives in which shoots might be appearing unexpectedly… a new hobby, a reconnected relationship, time to read and learn, or just a moment of space to appreciate the gathering warmth and brightness of the Spring season…