What our makers say…

What I like about Made Unique is how it can help me to sell my things, as I struggle to without it. I would recommend to someone, and have, as Ruth is really good at helping you sell your products!

I love being part of the Made Unique community; both as a maker and as a Mummy. My daughter and I have enjoyed making a small contribution as part of a varied team to make craft kits and then had fun testing them out! As a maker, I have been so well supported by Ruth, who has given advice on so many elements. Her encouragement has given me the confidence to ‘have a go’!

What our partners and friends say…

We are so inspired by the amazing work of Ruth Moffat and Made Unique who have generously and lovingly prepared 25 home craft packs to local parents & children from our ‘Acorns’ community, all this after producing over 500 kits with & for One YMCA.

During Lockdown our team at OneYMCA delivered nearly 150 packs of items to boost the wellbeing of the families we support. Without the vital contribution of Made Unique, it would not have been possible to do. They provided an amazing box of simple to do craft and fun activities for every family, with easy instructions. Their passion for supporting families to connect together really shone through and we had some truly uplifting feedback. Thank you for the many hours the team spent making it all possible, many people were truly blessed!

I worked with Ruth to design a family activity booklet, not only was Ruth great to work with (clear in her instructions, organised and friendly) but the booklet was exciting and great fun too….. I actually wanted to have a younger child myself to do the activities with!

Donna, One YMCA

What our community says…

Amazing. It was good to be part of it, in a simple way that was light.

Katy, helper with the Wellbeing Packs Project

The boxes look amazing – fantastic job to you guys, what a blessing they will be to so many families.  Was really happy to be involved.

Hilary, helper with the Wellbeing Packs Project

We are sooo going to make a thank you picture for our bin men and postman, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before, thank you.

Rachael, Receives our newsletter

This is great, thank you, I was just making a plan for the coming week as I was checking my emails so we are going to hopefully try the special meal, the disco and the toilet roll planters this week.

Jo, Receives our newsletter

Thanks. We picked ours up and it was a lifesaver yesterday with all the rain we had 😊 please thank the lady for them again and tell her how much we appreciated them 🙂👍🏼

Carys, Parent from Acorns toddler group who received a set of craft kits
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