Wellbeing Pack Project with One YMCA
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Wellbeing packs project with One YMCA

Working alongside amazing One YMCA volunteer Fiona, we had lots of fun creating a 36-page activity booklet that could be given out to the families supported through the One YMCA family centres. We then sourced craft resources and created five individual kits per family to help children and carers have fun and be creative together amidst the restrictions and challenges of lockdown.

In total we gave over 165 hours and over £165 worth of materials to this project, we included 2 activity templates and 5 kits per pack, making a total of 735 kits distributed. We gave out 300 masks, 2,400 jellyfish tentacles, 750 lollipop sticks, 1,500 feathers, 2,700 googley eyes… and an awful lot of cress seeds!

Below are extracts from the One YMCA Report

April-June 2020

147 Families Supported – boosting the Wellbeing of 36 Under 1’s, 145 1-5 year olds and 86 5-11 year olds

Families received games, books, toys, packs of toiletries, a handwash or sanitizer and a Trypraying booklet. A Family Activity Pack with craft kits and a colourful book with ideas and instructions were designed and made by our volunteers in collaboration with Made Unique CIC

The Families told us…

‘Thank you for that well-being package it’s brilliant can’t wait to do the arts and crafts with the kids that were in the box I think they were a great idea and I’m very grateful we were put forward for one.’

‘Thank you for visiting, it was so nice to see you, my son said thank you so much for the box of goodies, he keeps saying it’s the best day of his life.’

‘The kids have loved the box thank you, it was so nice to have someone think about us as well as the children.  We have only completed a few of the craft activities at the moment but the children have really enjoyed them.’

‘Thank you it was such a lovely surprise, it was so nice having not only something for the children but something for me too. We are all enjoying the box. Animal snap is a massive hit, it got us back into playing family games. The flowers we have coloured but need to put in water. Jelly fish are nearly done. Ohhh and we planted the beans. Thank you so much.’

‘The box is amazing! Little arts and crafts for the kids. Boardgame, books, chalks… Ahh, it just goes on! Really cool box!’

‘I have just opened it, I am shocked! What a lovely gift, me and the kids appreciate it very much, kids are happy, thanks again.’

‘Thank you for the lovely package the kids love it and I’m blown away by all your kindness.’

Our colleagues wanted us to know…

A Family Support colleague told us, ‘I saw the excitement in one of the families that I delivered to and it was very humbling to see.’

One of our Family Support Managers said, ‘We absolutely appreciate the time and effort that your team have put in to ensure that our local families in need not only get essentials, but also something nice in this worrying time. Without you and your team, they would not have received these lovely packages to support their wellbeing.’

Lockdown Newsletters

Talking with others at the beginning of lockdown we became aware that while this would be an especially busy time for many, others might have unexpected time and space. While a creative project might seem appealing, it can be hard to know where to start. So we began to write a newsletter giving some ideas for useful projects, beautiful items, things to ponder, activities and crafts to do with kids, and ways to connect beyond the little bubbles we found ourselves in. We tried to see our surroundings afresh, be inspired by the resources we had to hand and fight the discouragement and isolation of the season with the enjoyment of beauty, fun and creativity. You can read the sections of our lockdown newsletters in our blogs running from April to July 2020.

As well as the lovely conversations we’ve had since beginning our newsletters, some kind people have taken the time to write with their feedback…

Thank you for your greetings and ideas from Made Unique. I can’t resist sending you a picture of our local impudents. I was so impressed with them when I saw them yesterday on the wall opposite. Isn’t nature amazing? – Nicho (Ed.1)

So moved and inspired by your email and it’s thoughtful, quality, considered content – Rachael (Ed.2)

Beautiful images and reflections, Ruth – thank you for sharing. – Samuel (Ed.3)

We’ve also been really delighting in birds over the last couple of weeks. Amazing how beautiful a blackbird’s song can be. – Shari (Ed.3)

You write with such gentleness that manages to be clear and fresh whilst not patronising. Very accessible to a wide audience and loads of cool new ideas that can be tried right now – love the weaving cheats! – Flo (Ed.4)

Thanks for your email. You are keeping up a lovely blend of encouragement, opportunity, enjoyment & challenge. Something for all. I particularly liked the macrame plant hangers with jars and Jessica’s vlog. Very helpful insights and so relevant for what folk are going through. – Derek (Ed.4)

I especially like the inventiveness & the chimney of the drink carton bird feeder – Katy (Ed.5)

I’ve enjoyed your newsletter and particularly loved the photos you took of all the little animals you were completing as we sat and talked on Wednesday. The Contemplate section was very honest and almost ‘raw’, but it urges me on to be more creative – Fran (Ed.5)

A joy, a blessing and an inspiration – Jo (Ed.5)