Crocheted Hearts that Make a Difference


March 19, 2022

Wearing Yellow and blue Crochet Heart Badge

As I’m sure we all do, Fiona wants to do what she can to support the people of Ukraine in the midst of the devastation of this war. She has been using her creative skills to crochet these lovely blue and yellow heart badges (as happily worn by Ruth above!) and selling them to raise funds for the crucial work of the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal in Ukraine and surrounding countries.

We’ve been so glad to partner with Fiona to make her badges available on our website, and while Fiona covers all the costs of materials, we’re covering the payment and postage costs so that the full £4 from each badge goes to the appeal. We’ve also found an opportunity to get our donations matched so that each badge will actually raise £8.

The response already has been so encouraging and also a little overwhelming!  We’ve already raised £429 before the matched donation. So for any of you crocheters out there, we’d really appreciate you joining in if you’re able! We’re very happy to chat about possibilities for sourcing materials and Fiona has a pattern we can send you so please do let us know if you’d like to get involved!

And if you, like me, don’t have crochet skills but would love to both raise financial support and have a way to show your solidarity with Ukrainians then please do head over to our online shop to get your badge.

(BREAKING NEWS: We’ve also now got orange hearts to support the ‘Show Your Heart‘ campaign, seeking to let the government know that we want a kinder, more welcoming response to refugees in this country. Read more and show your support here.)