We love the items our makers create and truly believe they bring with them the joy with which they are made, contributing to any space they inhabit. So we’re sure your shop would benefit from having them in stock and that your customers will enjoy browsing and buying from our unique, home-crafted range.

But we know this season is a tough one for retailers and we really want to support small business however we can so here’s how we’re responding to concerns you might have…

> Discounts on handmade products are usually less than factory-made items due to economies of scale

Normally that’s the case but we will only be offering retailers products from those makers who are happy with giving a standard trade discount. Made Unique is also not taking any commission or administrative charge for these products so that businesses and makers can receive maximum benefit from the arrangement.

> Our cashflow will simply not allow us to order much new stock at this time, especially items that do not have a proven sales record in our shop

We completely understand this, and that’s why we’re offering a 90-day sale or return policy (much longer than the usual 30 or 60-day options). So you can have some shiny new stock for your shelves without the risk.

> Gift products in particular can be hard to display well and we don’t have the time or finance to invest into merchandising a new range

We love to display our items in such a way that they look great (even after browsing!), connect with customer shopping habits, tell a story, and add to the atmosphere and feel of a retail environment. Depending on where you’re based we may be able to deliver and merchandise our stock in person, or we can send you a visual guide with tips and suggestions.

> It can be hard to keep track of the suppliers and stock arrangements we already have, we just don’t have time for more stock takes, re-orders and returns

We get that! The last thing we want is to add another job to your list so, subject to location and order size, we offer regular stock checks, suggested re-orders for you to review and adjust before we process them, and returns listing and collection.

If you’d like to hear more then do get in touch or email us with any questions.