Scavenger Hunts


April 23, 2020

Scavenger Hunts

When so many of our usual activities are on pause, we might struggle to find purpose and this can be the same for everyone in the house. We’re finding scavenger hunts are a good way of giving a focus to a block of time and a sense of achievement when they’re complete. Sometimes we use one or more coloured bags and encourage a search through different rooms to find items of that colour to go into the bag. We also have an egg box with a list of possible things to find in the garden – there are lots of great lists like this for inside and out on our Pinterest Scavenger Hunt board.

Thinking about the properties of items gives scope to make a hunt increasingly complex depending on your scavenger and how much you want to work as a team to find things, e.g. something heavy/something heavier than an apple/something that weighs between 200g-500g.

One of the fun aspects of these hunts is that you can play them across a video call or by sending the scavenger messages with what to find and getting photos back of the items. And we can use it as a way to get to know each other better – perhaps collecting favourites, like everyone in the home’s favourite book, or interesting facts, like ‘collecting’ three friends or family members who like marmite and three who don’t!