Party Time!


May 11, 2020

Party Time! - Indoor Picnic

It might seem disrespectful to talk about partying when so many are feeling sad and fearful but life is a crazy mixture and sometimes it can be good to push back against the tough times with a bit of celebration. It’s important to be sensitive to where different people are at, even within a household, but hopefully one of the ideas below might be a way to come together (either in person or via video) and enjoy some special time…

Dinner Party

One of my most special family memories was when my mum and dad decided to host a dinnerparty for some ‘special guests’… who turned out to be us kids! It felt so grown up for the five of us to sit dressed up around the table with napkins and candles, being served posh food by our parents. Even a simple meal can be transformed with a few little tweaks – some flowers on the table (we’re mainly using dandelions and daisies!), smart outfits, some music and a change in lighting can make all the difference!

Dance Party

Whether you have the technical knowhow to put together a playlist of favourites or just pop on an upbeat CD, a dance party can kick off at any point in the day! A crazy outfit, a bubble machine, or some DIY instruments, microphones, pompoms and streamers could all add to the fun…

Picnic Party

Whether inside or out, there’s can be something exciting in simply putting a rug or blanket on the floor and eating there instead of at the table! If you have little ones then they may want to invite teddies, dollies, dinosaurs, or in our daughter’s case a fox, a sloth and a whale… and get any play cups, plates and food involved as well. You might eat and drink the same things as usual, or choose some treats, but why not take a moment to appreciate and toast the good things we can still enjoy.