Noah’s Ark!


July 4, 2020

Animal Crafts

I guess we all knew it had to happen… this post we’re delving into the vast array of animal crafts you can have fun creating with some very simple materials! I thought I’d go with a bit of a Noah’s Ark theme to these animals collections – not because I suggest you make two of everything but it seemed appropriate with so many rainbows brightening our streets and this weekend’s celebration of 72 years of the incredible NHS… it also means I can share some very sweet little boat ideas I’ve found with you.

Clicking on the first link of each section will take you to our Pinterest collections of LOTS of ideas using that main material, but I’ve also chosen my favourite two of each type so the possibilities aren’t too overwhelming…

TOILET ROLL ANIMALS… starring butterfly & owl

CLOTHES PEG ANIMALS… starring dragonfly & bird

PAPER PLATE ANIMALS… starring snake & fox (yes, we do read the Gruffalo, a lot!)

EGG BOX ANIMALS… starring whale & crab

BUBBLE WRAP ANIMALS… starring jellyfish & starfish

LOLLIPOP STICK ANIMALS… starring chicken & crocodile

And for the ark you could go little with this egg box version, scale up so cuddly toys can join in this cardboard box boat, or make this magnificent vessel for your little creatives to jump in too!

Hopefully you’ll have some bits around that mean you can have a go at some of these but if you don’t, or would like the supplies to make a particular craft, PLEASE do get in touch. I’m collecting reusable items, buying some materials in bulk, and finding places to source extra good value/free supplies so I’d love to share these with you!

Toilet Roll Animals
Clothes Peg Animals
Bubble Wrap Animals
Egg Box Animals
Paper Plate Animals
Lollipop Stick Animals