Traysi Benjamin-Matthew


September 2, 2020

This new section will introduce you to the artists and creatives we love, and I’m so excited to be sharing the beautiful, daring creative practice of my beautiful, daring friend Traysi this newsletter. The first neighbour I got to know when I moved to Watford, Traysi became a friend at a time when I felt especially vulnerable and the way she respects and responds to vulnerability is truly inspirational as you can read in her latest blog post, which also includes her brilliantly relatable poem Lockdown Ting.

It was great to get feedback that Abiy’s thoughts on continuing to create in spite of doubts were helpful in our newsletter, so I know Traysi’s reflections and her example will encourage us as we continue this journey. Recently I’ve been most encouraged to keep going and growing by Bearing Fruit and most painfully challenged by Go Back to Your Country. Pushing herself from written poetry, to audio poetry, to visual poetry, Traysi shares deeply of herself through her work, encouraging us to do the same…