Baby Booties


November 18, 2020

As the community of Made Unique grows, we dream it will be a place without competition, where we can share ideas, skills, inspiration and, in this case, patterns! Our lovely maker Olapeju has very kindly offered to share patterns she has created herself so that any other crochet lovers out there can make their own incredibly cute baby booties!

If you think these look gorgeous but, like me, haven’t yet delved into the world of crochet, then you can buy Ola’s beautifully made crochet items in the ‘Made by Olapeju’ section of our shop.


This pattern is created and written by Ola for Handmadebyola


4mm crochet hook

100g baby blue yarn

50g dark blue yarn

Stitch marker

6 buttons (10mm/0.5inches)

Tapestry needle


sc     (single crochet)

hdc    (half double crochet)

dc     (double crochet)

ss     (slip stitch)

st     (stitch/stitches)

dc2tog (double crochet 2 together)


Pattern made for 0-6months old

Sole length: 3.75″


12st and 7rows in dc =3 inches


Chain 11

Round 1: Put 2 hdc into the first chain after the hook. hdc into the next 9 chains. Insert 5 hdc into the last chain,these will take you to the other side of the chain. hdc into the next 9 st. Put 2 hdc into the last st. ss (27st)

Round 2: chain 1. Put 2hdc into the st you ss into.2hdc into the next st. hdc into next 9 st. *2hdc into next st, repeat *4times. hdc into next 9st. 2hdc into last 2 st. ss (36st)

Round 3: chain 1. Insert 2hdc into the same st you ss into, hdc into the next st.repeat *again. hdc into next 9st. 2hdc. hdc. 2hdc into the next 7st then hdc into the next st . Hdc 9. *2hdc into next st then hdc. Reapeat *again. ss  (45st)

Round 4 : hdc 45. ss   (45st)

Round 5: hdc 15. dc2tog 8. hdc 14. ss  (37st)

Round 6: hdc 3. hdc2tog. hdc 9. dc2tog 6 . hdc 7. hdc2tog.hdc 3. ss  (30st)

Round 7: hdc 13. hdc. dc2tog4. hdc. sc 7  .ss   (26st)

Round 8: sc13. hdc. dc2tog 2. hdc. sc 7 . ss     (25st)

Round 9: sc 22. ss    (25st)

Round 10: [change colour] sc 25. ss  (25st)

Cut off and weave-in the tail.

Attach the buttons securely.

Any yarn colour of your choice can be used to create this baby bootie.