Hertfordshire Landscape and Lilac Cards


Printed from original paintings these beautiful, peaceful Hertfordshire Landscape and Lilac cards are suitable for any occasion.


The cool pastel colour palettes of these artworks give these cards a gentle, pretty feel and warmer tones bring the scenes to life.

In Hertfordshire Landscape, the artist has used layers of pastels to build up a dreamy impression of the countryside. The warmth coming from the fields on the far hill is reminiscent of an evening light at the end of a summer’s day. A wonderful evocative card to share with a friend.

The play of textured background, patterned objects and the detail picked out on the blossoms themselves, makes Lilac a still life with lots of appeal. Painting in acrylic, the artist has showcased these beautiful flowers within tones that echo the lilac of their name.

Available individually or in a variety of great value sets, these cards are left blank so you can add whatever words are appropriate for the occasion. Card size: 15 x 15cm. Envelope size: 15.5 x 15.5cm.

Our ‘unique creatives’ are makers who would rather not have a profile alongside their work at this time. Some are in the early stages of getting going, some makers feel more free to play with new ideas this way, and some are generous friends who donate their work so that the profits can support other makers. Whatever the reason we are happy to champion their creativity in a way that works for them.

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Hertfordshire Landscape – single card, Lilac – single card, Set of 2 cards – 1 of each design, Hertfordshire Landscape – set of 5 cards, Lilac – set of 5 cards, Set of 10 cards – 5 of each design


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