Silver plated links earrings with added details


Individually handmade silver plated links are crafted into earrings with added details such as a variety of colour, shape and beading.

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Each of these sets of earrings is completely original, crafted from a handmade silver plated links and embellished with added details. By exploring the shapes and patterns that can be created as these links are connected, Keith forms beautiful pieces of jewellery. Sometimes the earrings are kept simple with only a variation in the colour of the wire or the added detail of a larger shape to give structure. Other designs come alive with the addition of reclaimed beads.

  • Size: Between 3 and 5cm long, varies for each set
  • Design: Varies including wrapped wire, handmade links, byzantine knots
  • Closure: Ear wire handmade from silver plated copper wire
  • Material: Varies including silver plated copper wire, copper wire, glass beads, hematite beads

For exact dimensions select the design you’re interested in and use the option below to see additional information.

Keith Sparks uses wire, beads and chains, often reclaimed, to create unique items of jewellery. See more of Keith’s work on his shop page or hear more about Keith by meeting Our Makers.

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Three legged star knot, Deep blue glass beads, Deep pink glass beads, Hematite beads, Silver plated & copper links


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