Printables For Windows


November 5, 2020

The rainbow in our front window has become really faded and no longer able to communicate the message of hope and togetherness it was made for. The problem is that it took quite a few separate sessions to encourage a busy two-year-old to sit down and help me make the first one, and I’m not sure I’ve got the patience for round two! I had the idea of a family painting session where we stuck loads of paper together and made a giant hand-print rainbow… it may still happen… but in the meantime, I’ve decided to go a simpler route.

I remembered seeing a number of ‘printables’ in windows, sheets with the outlines of words and pictures that can be printed out and coloured in. So I’ve made a collection and created a Printables Pinterest board with sections such as ‘Thank Yous’, ‘Rainbows’, ‘Seasonal’, etc.

Sitting down to some creative time together is still a wonderful thing and I’m not giving up on it, but this feels like a time for lightening the load a bit and choosing some easier paths through the days. So, for now, we’ll try to share a bit of joy with some positive words and cheery colouring and we’ll leave the epic works of art for another day.

(If you do have the capacity for some more involved creative projects then we’ve got lots of fun ideas in the rest of our Create and Collaborate blog posts or on our Pinterest boards. Or you can see other ideas for sharing some positivity in our Messages to My Neighbourhood.)