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Nikki Duffy

December 10th, 2020|Community|

Nikki's cards are beautifully painted watercolours, combined with lovely brush lettering to make each handmade card unique and special, like a gift in itself.

Baby Booties

November 18th, 2020|Create|

As the community of Made Unique grows, we dream it will be a place without competition, where we can share ideas, skills, inspiration and, in this case, patterns! Our lovely maker Olapeju has very kindly offered to share patterns she has created herself so that any other crochet lovers out there can make their own incredibly cute baby booties!

Blue Sky

November 14th, 2020|Contemplate|

I've not been much of a fan of social media over the years but I have to say that since engaging more on behalf of Made Unique I've not only enjoyed connecting with many of you but also have often been inspired by some of the people and organisations I follow

Conker Treasures

October 17th, 2020|Create|

I can never get over how lovely conkers are. The sudden appearance of these smooth, almost warm, incredibly tactile little delights all over the ground - free to pick up and to keep - amazes me somehow every year!

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